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[!!!] D-I SVN repository not available Monday June 29 from 07:00 UTC


On Monday June 29 committing changes to the Debian Installer subversion 
repository will not be possible from around 07:00 UTC for maintenance.
I expect the repository to be available again around 12:00 UTC at he 
latest, but please wait for the announcement.

The reason for the downtime is a cleanup operation (see [1] for details).

During most of that time reading from the repository should be possible, 
but if possible it is best to avoid using it completely. Attempts to 
commit changes during the cleanup will result in an error message.

How does the cleanup affect users?
If you have done an 'svn update' for your local checkout any time since 
the release of Lenny, the cleanup operation will not affect you.

If you did not update your local checkout for a long time, it is 
recommended that you do an 'svn update' *before* the cleanup starts.
Otherwise you run a small risk that you will get errors the first time you 
do an 'svn update' after the cleanup (see below).

The critical period is between revisions 55934 and 57134. If the output of 
the following command is between those numbers, you should update.

$ svn info | grep Revision:
Revision: 59102

In this example there is no problem because 59102 is greater than 57134.

I was unable to update before the cleanup and now I get errors. Help!
If your last update was between the revisions mentioned above, you are 
likely to get errors during your first update after the cleanup, for 

$ svn update
U    packages/cdebconf/debian/po/fr.po
U    packages/cdebconf/debian/po/mr.po
svn: Checksum mismatch for 'packages/cdebconf/debian/po/da.po';
	expected: 'b774b328e96a031b617834e7337bba04',
	actual: 'dbab32472d7433ab89da52f88245f24d'

Don't panic. You don't need to do a completely new checkout.

What you need to do is remove the directory that contains the broken file:
$ rm -rf packages/cdebconf/debian/po
If you then run 'svn update' again, it should continue.

In total 16 components are affected, so you will need to repeat that.
Alternatively, you can execute the following commands to remove all of 
them in advance:
$ cd packages
$ rm -rf {cdebconf,nobootloader,flash-kernel}/debian/po
$ rm -rf arch/*/{silo,prep,quik,yaboot}-installer/debian/po
$ rm -rf arch/*/{sibyl,arcboot,vmelilo}-installer/debian/po
$ rm -rf partman/partman-{prep,newworld,target,ext2r0,efi,palo}/debian/po
$ cd ..

There is one last file that is affected: packages/po/sublevel4/da.po.

*** Make sure you don't have any local changes in that directory
*** before you remove it!

You can check if there are any local changes using 'svn status':
$ svn status packages/po/sublevel4
!      packages/po/sublevel4
M      packages/po/sublevel4/nl.po	<---- local changes!!

If there are no local changes, you can again safely remove the directory:
$ rm -rf packages/po/sublevel4


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2009/06/msg00081.html

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