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Re: [RFC] Packages that looks ready for uploading

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Hello folks,

Here goes the updated list with the still missed packages. Since first
message a total of 34 packages were upload and I'd like to thank people
who worked on it.

Please take a look on the remaining packages and process them if you're
the porter or active on them.

Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> writes:

> Packages that looks OK for upload
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> libdebian-installer
> linux-modules-di-armel-2.6
> linux-modules-di-hppa-2.6
> linux-modules-di-powerpc-2.6
> linux-modules-di-s390-2.6
> localechooser
> partconf
> partitioner # someone need to upload it after we've parted in
> partman-auto
> partman-auto-lvm
> partman-base # i'll take it
> partman-crypto
> partman-ext3
> partman-jfs
> partman-md
> partman-partitioning
> partman-reiserfs
> partman-xfs
> pkgsel
> prep-installer
> quik-installer
> rescue
> silo-installer
> zipl-installer

Bellow goes few details about specific packages.


The remaining linux-modules packages are the ones I couldn't massbuild
since they were not available on mirror.

Linux kernel 2.6.30 is expected to be upload in Sunday and would be nice
if porters could start taking a look at more invasive changes in kernel
that could affect us.

parted related packages

partman-base and partitioner are waiting for parted on NEW. This is also
going to allow us to enable ext4 support for testing.

Thank you folks and let's keep the good work :-)


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