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Re: [RFC] Packages that looks ready for uploading

Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org):
> main-menu

The following changes are afar from trivial:

  * After the debconf priority was lowered because of an error, return to the
    default priority in one step when next a component runs successfully.    
  * Instead of lowering the debconf priority after the user backs up from a  
    question, match the priority at which the menu is displayed to the current
    debconf priority. Closes: #331679.                                        

However, they're pending in the SVN since December and it's certainly
time for us to upload them. I haven't tested them but I'll grant Frans
the usual confidence we have in his changes for being well tested
(would it be changes of line, then I would recommend more

So, I'll upload.

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