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Re: Little preseed question

Thanks a lot for response.

Sorry If I hasn't explained so well. But I want modify the entry of the installed system, no the execution of the debian-installer. I want change the "menu.lst" of the /target system, no the "debian-installer" "visual mode".

Thanks again

2009/6/6 Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl>
On Saturday 06 June 2009, MaTa wrote:
> In debian-installer, using preseed file, in "grub-install" step, How I
> can specify some kernel parameters in the grub menu.lst entry of the
> installed system? How I can change the default parameters? Can I
> specify any instruction like "d-i grub-installer/kernel_parameters
> vga=0x317"?

You can only do that by passing the same parameter to the installer
itself. So basically, instead of just hitting <enter> when you start an
installation, you should hit <tab> which will allow you to modify the
boot parameters for the installer and add the vga parameter at the end.


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