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Re: Which kernels to include on ISOs? (Was: Re: Netboot Xen images for amd64)

On Thu, 2009-06-04 at 01:10 +0200, Frans Pop wrote:

[...snipped a bunch of good points which I won't contest...]

> Personally I would say that full CD and DVD are not even very interesting 
> for Xen installs: their content is desktop oriented, so why download a 
> lot of shite you're not going to be using anyway?
> Netinst and businesscard are much more relevant, but as explained earlier 
> those have space restrictions.
> But there is one image that might exactly fit the bill: the i386/amd64/ppc 
> multi-arch netinst CD. Current size (Lenny): 488MB. For that it does not 
> matter if it would grow a bit, and it's targeted exactly at your users: 
> (semi-)professional sysadmins.

That sounds ideal, thanks for the suggestion. Am I right in thinking
that a netinst CD includes the base system but not any of the other
stuff? (as opposed to just including the installer itself)

> Only problem is that implementing adding Xen to just that image will 
> require a fair few changes in debian-cd. In configuration, but I think 
> also in code (you'll need to introduce a concept of variants within 
> arches for D-I tasks). It'll not be trivial to implement that cleanly, 
> though it should certainly be possible.

> I'm afraid that I have no real affinity with Xen (the current discussion 
> on lkml rather amuses me TBH), so I don't think I'd work on that [2].

That's fine I'm willing to have a stab at it, I've been exploring the
debian-cd code already since I thought I might have to go a-hacking and
I've done some (small) d-i stuff in the past.

Do you have any specific guidance regarding the direction you'd like to
see me take with this or shall I just dive in and see what I come up
with? Initially from the debian-cd end I'm thinking along the lines of
adding "-DMULTIARCH=1" (where appropriate) to the preprocessor when
generating the package lists.



Ian Campbell

Remember, in 2039, MOUSSE & PASTA will be available ONLY by prescription!!

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