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Results of the second run of research about ext4 support in bootloaders

Hi all,
	I continued my research about ext4 support in bootloaders and this is
the result till now:
ext4 support

    * grub: amd64, i386, powerpc w/ ubuntu patch
    * grub2: amd64, i386, powerpc
    * lilo-installer: amd64 i386 

Looks without ext4 support

    * aboot: alpha
    * yaboot: powerpc
    * arcboot: mips
    * silo: sparc 
    * delo: mipsel
    * sibyl: mips, mipsel 
    * prep: powerpc
    * palo: hppa

I based my search on the debian-installer list of packages that install
a boot loader if there is obsolete packages among this list or if I
forgot some please tell me.

I searched through mailing list archives and sometimes into code. Many
of the bootloaders in the second list looks unmaintained.


Stefano Canepa aka sc: sc@linux.it - http://www.stefanocanepa.it
Three great virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience and hubris.
Le tre grandi virtù di un programmatore: pigrizia, impazienza e
arroganza. (Larry Wall)

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