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Bug#528610: patch to solve that

Quoting Jordi Pujol (jordipujolp@gmail.com):
> A Dimarts 19 Maig 2009 16:12:11, Christian Perrier va escriure:
> > Quoting Jordi Pujol (jordipujolp@gmail.com):
> > > the usermod command can use an encrypted password
> >
> > Thanks a lot (I apparently missed the bug report, sorry for this). Did
> > you test the patch?
> not really in this package,
> when the passwd package has changed I have written another similar script into 
> my own version of live-initramfs, and that commands are the final instructions 
> that are working now.

Please note, however, that another bug (about missing "-m") is hitting
D-I, so it could happen that passwd changes are reverted. They are
indeed the consequence of chpasswd now using PAM and "-c", "-e" and
"-m" are not used in such case.


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