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Bug#529475: user-setup fails because -m option is no longer valid

Quoting Martin Michlmayr (tbm@cyrius.com):
> Package: user-setup
> Version: 1.23
> Severity: serious
> Apparently chpasswd no longer accepts the -m option!
> May 19 14:28:25 finish-install: info: Running /usr/lib/finish-install.d/06user-setup
> May 19 14:28:26 user-setup: Shadow passwords are now on.
> May 19 14:28:26 finish-install: chpasswd: invalid option -- 'm'
> May 19 14:28:26 finish-install: Usage: chpasswd [options]

As told on IRC, this comes from changes in shadow. chpasswd had PAM
support enabled and the "-c", "-m" and "-e" options are gone in such

#ifndef USE_PAM
                case 'c':
                        cflg = true;
                        crypt_method = optarg;
                case 'e':
                        eflg = true;
                case 'm':
                        md5flg = true;

Both this bug and #528610 should probably be reassigned to passwd,
severity critical (breaks other software).

#528610 apparently has a workaround (using usermod) but there is
apparently none for this bug

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