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Bug#517231: Processed: forcibly merging 517231 528929

reopen 517231

Quoting Debian Bug Tracking System (owner@bugs.debian.org):
> Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:
> > forcemerge 517231 528929
> Bug#517231: debian-installer should unpack all glibc udebs at once
> Bug#528929: debian-installer fails to install testing "squeeze" because  libresolv-2.9.so segfaults
> Bug#520442: amd64 netinst netcfg segfault daily build 03/19/2009
> Bug#520711: installation-reports: The squeeze netinst doesn't find archive
> Forcibly Merged 517231 520442 520711 528929.

Hmmm, all these are marked done because #520711 was closed on Apr 26th
after some confirmation that nobody experienced it anymore. But, at
that time, it wasn't clear that the bug was still here but only
visible when installing squeeze with the lenny installer.

That was apparently wrong: from #528929, the lenny installer still
can't install squeeze.


It seems that this issue should get some priority. As we go over the
release goals list during meetings, I'll propose to include the fix
for #517231 in release goals for D-I.

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