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console-setup + X = broken console


I've just installed the console-setup because X server depends on it.
Now, my console is completely unusable. The text does not scroll it just
runs off the screen.

I'm writing to both maintainers because,

  1. Why, why, why is console-setup a dependency of X? X does not
function without console-setup? Is it possible to have X only Suggest or
Recommend console-setup?

  2. What are the settings in console-setup that leave my console alone?
I just want to have boot time fonts, with boot time display. The console
fonts look rather *bad* and it doesn't matter which ones I try to set.
Be it VGA or Terminus or whatever. Is it possible for console-setup to
only setup keyboard map and leave the fonts as is?

I'm using nvidia drivers which work perfectly until the console-setup
dependency broke my console :(

- Adam

PS. I'm not on the list(s) - CC me in replies.

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