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Bug#524666: installation-guide: Document the use of TERM= for serial consoles

On Sunday 19 April 2009, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > Please provide an improved proposed patch.
> Here it is.

Thanks. The context is now clear as well.

I still feel this gives more importance to this issue than is warranted.
I'd therefore like to go with the following alternative patch, which moves
things to a footnote and leaves the details a bit more to the user

Index: boot-installer/parameters.xml
--- boot-installer/parameters.xml       (revision 58401)
+++ boot-installer/parameters.xml       (working copy)
@@ -53,8 +53,21 @@
 argument to the kernel, where <replaceable>device</replaceable> is
 your serial device, which is usually something like

+In order to ensure the terminal type used by the installer matches your
+terminal emulator, the parameter
+can be added. Note that the installer only supports the following five
+terminal types: <userinput>linux</userinput>, <userinput>vt102</userinput>,
+<userinput>ansi</userinput>, <userinput>bterm</userinput>
+and <userinput>dumb</userinput>. The default for serial console in &d-i;
+is <userinput>vt102</userinput>.
 </para><para arch="sparc">

 For &arch-title; the serial devices are <filename>ttya</filename> or

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