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console-setup: is it possible to use kernel fonts instead of something loaded by console-setup?

I recently upgraded 'xorg' to 7.4 in Sid, and that brought in the new dependency on 'console-setup'. Previously, my virtual terminals' fonts were configured with 'console-tools'.

Through a bizarre series circumstances and experiments, I found that the kernel font "10x18" gave me the best compromise between size and amount of info that fits on one screen. Since I compile my own kernels, I have been in the habit of only using that "10x18" font by setting


when running 'make menuconfig'.

The 'console-tools' package had the nasty habit of loading a software font during the Debian boot process, but it also gave me an out: leaving the "SCREEN_FONT" setting in /etc/console-tools/config undefined would prevent the kernel font from being replaced by a software font during Debian's startup process.

Now, this is not an earth-shattering problem -- and I decided not to file a bug report since I am most likely the only individual on the planet to even notice this situation -- but can any of the 'console-setup' maintainers tell me whether it is possible to prevent 'console-setup' from replacing the Linux kernel "10x18" font, but still set up the keymaps according to the purpose of the package?

Dave W.

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