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Bug#524239: Bug#524233: console-setup should conflict with console-data

I think currently the goal is setterm, keyboard rate and numlock to be set by kbd (notice that console-tools is also obsoleted) and font & keyboard layout -- by console-setup. It is not difficult for console-setup to take control on these too but I am not sure about the advantages of this (except maybe that the keyboard rate can be shared with X).

Regarding the 2 config files and the user not knowing which one is going to win -- I think you are right. I think we can add a Debconf menu similar to the one the user gets when he installs together several desktop managers (xdm, gdm, kdm and wdm).

Anton Zinoviev

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I think there are a few things that console-setup doesn't do

that atleast console-tools does:

- calling setterm to set powersaving mode.

- Set keyboard rate

- Being able to set numlock on boot

Anyway, my problem with the current situation is that there are 2

config files where I can set the same thing, and it's not obvious

which of the 2 is going to win.

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