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Bug#364905: /bin/sh: line 0: exec: /bin/sh: /usr/sbin/termwrap: No such file or

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Having recently acquired a Dell 530 Server on which I am setting up Linux=
also had this problem. After going thru a multitude of troubleshooting ro=
was noted that while looking at the inittab, that the version I was looki=
at was the initial install inittab, and that I should reference inittab.r=
instead, at which point what I did was move the first install version to =
it could be copied back if problems arose and then renamed inittab.real t=
just inittab, and rebooted, and no more error message, was finally able t=
o log 
in to TTY1 normally ( had been using other terminal screens to troublesho=
ot as 
the error message made TTY1 unusable, also showed error on other terminal=
but in 5 minute intervals, so still able to function with them). 

 Please note it has been pointed out elsewhere that it is a base-config i=
having done an install from CD (Sarge) which I then had continued as a ne=
t-install, was in a transitional state between Sarge, Etch, and Lenny whe=
n base-config was removed due to conflicts, so never completed the base-c=
onfig, which would explain the left-over remnants still on system that wo=
uld have been removed otherwise on a completed pure Sarge install. This s=
eems to been the case that caused issues with the debutils and passwd pac=
kages on upgrade also, which I worked around per the notes here :


after having had the same problem on two other machines with these two pa=
ckages (an Averatec 6200 series laptop and a home built unit) as well. Ho=
pefully this will narrow down some of the routes others may have to take =
  ( having already taken them here ) and possibly give the maintainers th=
oughts to other issues that may become apparent to users installing from =
older Debian CDs and doing net-install, causing a mixed version system be=
fore even getting into the first log-in screen.


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