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Re: Reminder: D-I team meeting April 11th 20:00

Quoting Adeodato Simó (dato@net.com.org.es):

> Anyway, my point is that if you’re going to hold regular meetings, the
> best you can do (for hopefully obvious reasons) is coming up with a rule
> that let’s you immediately know when the next meeting is, without having
> to know when the previous one was. The typical “the first Thursday of
> each month” people use. I’ll note Your proposed “every other Monday”
> does not meet the rule, unless you’d be geeky and say “Mondays when
> `date +%V` is even”.

Agreed. I use the "very other <foo>" rule atwork very often (I'm a
geat user of regular meetings, actually, my scheduler isfull of such
beasts), but we have a common Agenda software to handle this.

What about "Every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month" ? This will
obviously make a 3 week delay sometimes but that would be the price to
pay to simplicity.

We could also decide by advance what the maximum meeting duration
would be. 1h30 seems to be appropriate for me. If we have very
specific stuff that need longer discussions, we can still plan special
meetigns for it.

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