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Re: How about playing a game while installing Debian?

On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 11:51 PM, Evgeni Golov wrote:

> some time ago I was cleaning the gnujump package and noticed some
> commented notes about udeb creation in the packaging, asking the
> main-maintainer, he said that this was an idea to give users the
> possibility to play while waiting for D-I, but was never finished.

Nice idea that one :)

> So now I'd like to ask you, what you think about the idea to add some
> (small) games, so users can relax while D-I is fetching packages etc.
> The games should be easy and fast-playing (no civilization clone where
> you need 2 hours for a good game :)), so I'd suggest something like
> bsdgames, sudoku, ninvaders etc, but also the already named gnujump
> (sdl), maybe some poker and tetris games... You guess what I mean :)

How many games do d-i folks want to be available?

Any more requirements?

I assume we cannot use anything that requires Xorg (and therefore OpenGL)?

> Please add your 0.02€ to the bin, and tell us whether you like the idea
> (and if so, which games you'd love to see).

primrose, but that is probably out since it uses OpenGL
krank would be nice but it uses too much CPU due to the use of pygame.
moon-buggy might be interesting for text-based installer

These two commands might find something better:

aptitude search ~sgame~Dcurses
aptitude search '~sgame~Dlibsdl!~Dlibgl'



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