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Bug#523649: console-setup: vc switching not working for vt24

On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 10:33:07AM -0600, R E Riding wrote:
> I prefer to run X on vc24, making AltGr-F12 the hotkey combination
> used to switching from console to X.

X Window has keysyms for console switch only for consoles 1..12.  
Because of this the key combinations need to be hardcoded in ckbcomp 
rather than read from xkb keyboard layout definitions.

Currently console-setup maps AltGr-F12 to F52.  Currently the keys are 
mapped the following way:

Alt+F2 = Control+Alt+F2 -> Console_2
Alt+F12 = Control+Alt+F12 -> Console_12
Alt+Shift+F2 = Control+Alt+Shift+F2 -> Console_12
Alt+Shift+F12 = Control+Alt+Shift+F12 -> Console_22

Shift+F2 -> F12
Control+F2 -> F22
Control+Shift+F2 -> F32
AltGr+F2 -> F42
AltGr+Shift+F2 -> F52
AltGr+Control+F2 -> F62
AltGr+Control+Shift+F2 -> F72

No key combination is mapped to Console_24.  Do you think that the 
following change will be the proper fix of the bug you reported:

(the following are from defkeymap.kmap and linux-keys-extd.inc)
Shift+F2 -> F14
Shift+F12 -> F24
Control+F2 -> F26
Control+F12 -> F36
Control+Shift+F2 -> F38
Control+Shift+F12 -> F48
Alt+F2 = Control+Alt+F2 -> Console_2
Alt+F12 = Control+Alt+F12 -> Console_12
Alt+Shift+F2 = Control+Alt+Shift+F2 -> Console_14
Alt+Shift+F12 = Control+Alt+Shift+F12 -> Console_24
(the following are not entirely standard as not all keymaps have altgr)
AltGr+F2 = Control+AltGr+F2 -> Console_14
AltGr+F12 = Control+AltGr+F12 -> Console_24
AltGr+Shift+F2 = Control+AltGr+Shift+F2 -> Console_26
AltGr+Shift+F12 = Control+AltGr+Shift+F12 -> Console_36

> I have tried various configurations of /etc/default/console-setup to 
> try to regain this functionality without success.  Please advise me 
> how to configure console-setup to allow this to work.

Currently this is impossible but I am prepared to make an upload of 
console-setup that fixes this bug as soon as we agree on the key 

Anton Zinoviev

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