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Building an amd64 installer on an i386 machine


I'm trying to install Debian on an amd64 machine using a USB stick and the testing netinst from 8th April 2009. I want the 2.6.29-1 kernel (for the ath9k module).

I got the built kernel package:


Trouble is, my current functioning computer is an i386 machine. So following the guide at


...I get to the end of Step 1: "Once you have the kernel-image.deb, install it for the next step. You do not need to boot into the new kernel."

But I can't, because as dpkg says: "package architecture (amd64) does not match system (i386)". Nuts.

Can I build the amd64 installer from my i386 machine? (Alternatively, is there an easier way to make the ath9k module available to the current installer?)

I would appreciate any help on this.


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