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Re: Complete draft of the March 16th and 30th meetings minutes

On Monday 06 April 2009, Luk Claes wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > On Monday 06 April 2009, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> >> It would be nice if you could clarify why do you believe it is
> >> nonsense.
> >
> > No thanks. I see no reason why _I_ should make that effort.
> Please stop that hostility.

What hostility?

Isn't it normal that the person proposing changes should provide 
argumentation for those changes before the person doing all the work
"defends" his current methods?

All I've seen so far is:
22:44 < otavio>  - we could upload installer manual too to give more up to 
date docs
22:45 < otavio> Even if installer manual is not translated, this can bring 
up more attenting to what is done
22:45 < otavio> and what is míssing
22:45 < bubulle> I think it's OK to upload the d-i manual without the l10n 
during the development cycle

This is literally *all* that was said about the installation guide. Those 
really are no more than very vague statements without any reasoning or 
backing in facts.

To me it's in no way clear how _any_ of the three goals listed there would 
be served by more frequent uploads or skipping calls for translation 
updates before uploads. To me it mostly shows that neither Otavio nor 
Christian has any real idea of what they're talking about. I therefore 
think it's up to them to explain their reasoning.

And really, it would help if people at least did some minimal research 
into how and why things are before suggesting random changes.
And yes, asking _is_ allowed. But preferably in a neutral way _before_ 
implying that the current way things are done is incorrect or at least 

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