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Re: [PATCH,RFC] Fetch c-s translations from xkeyboard-config.

Quoting Samuel Thibault (samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org):
> Hello,
> Here is a patch that makes the c-s build fetch translations from
> xkeyboard-config and put them into config.  One issue is that it makes
> it quite big (900KB), but that's probably not avoidable; it gets
> compressed easily anyway.
> To fetch the messages, I tried to use the msg* tools, but it was hairy
> and probably slow (needs a msgunfmt then msgconv, then msggrep, then
> what?).  It seemed much simpler to just build-depend on locales-all and
> use the thus-available en_US.UTF-8 locale to get gettext do everything
> for us.

I don't speak Perl fluently so it's hard for me to comment but your
solution seems elegant, indeed.

I would very much welcome a test of D-I images built with such
modified console-setup udeb replacing the kbd-chooser udeb. Last time,
I personnally tried to do this (over 1.5 years ago), I indeed "just"
built a D-I netboot image with console-setup-udeb replacing
kbd-chooser and voilà....

Things were working fairly well, but the only obstable was the non
translated keymap names.

How big is a udeb built with these translations incorportated?

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