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Re: d-i kernel sound drivers selection in kernel-wedge


Cc-ing debian-accessibility as it becomes less technical.

Otavio Salvador, le Tue 31 Mar 2009 02:09:58 -0300, a écrit :
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 6:23 PM, Samuel Thibault
> > I'm just wondering whether it's really worth spending time on
> > it instead of other things (the waste is probably a few 100KBs,
> > compared to the total 6MB of sound/).
> Gosh!
> I'm starting to think that we could benefit of a specific flavour for it.

You mean a specific initrd image and a new boot menu item?
I thought you were OK with the size :)

Now, the problem with a new boot menu item is the _activation_ of
accessibility. The problem actually already holds: some images only
have the text initrd (and the braille screen reader but no speakup
screen reader), some other images have both the text initrd and the gtk
initrd (the latter has both braille and speakup screen readers), and
so depending on the image the menu layout can change, and it's thus
impossible to know how to select the gtk image so as to get the speakup
screen reader. For now we just document the case when both initrds are
available. If we add a third initrd things become even more complex.

That said, activation of accessibility could be done by a special hotkey
that the bootloader recognizes for booting a particular image that has
the speakup screen reader, software speech synthesis and sound modules.
The choice of the hotkey should probably be done in accordance with
other distribution, probably through the a11y.org group.


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