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Re: updating kernel-wedge

On Thursday 26 March 2009, Kenshi Muto wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> > On Wednesday 25 March 2009, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> > > Your patch looks great but to solve the conflict, please add a
> > > led-modules (any better suggestion?), and make both depends on it.
> > > To make it buildable.
> >
> > How big is it? What are the dependencies?
> > If it is small enough (which seems likely, why not add it to core or
> > something?
> Well, led-class.ko is 10049 bytes and make core-modules.udeb size
> from 5590 bytes to 7820 bytes. If it is acceptable, I'll commit
> my changeset.

That makes it not the smallest module, but it's not all that large either. 
The cost of adding another udeb will probably be higher (especially if it 
only contains a single module) and I expect quite a few udebs will end up 
depending on it with future kernel versions.

Of course we should not make core into some general dumping ground, but 
IMHO this one does fit its purpose fairly well (ensure availability of 
relatively small, low-level, common modules to avoid explosion of the 
number of udebs and overly complicated dependencies).

If it can be included in an existing udeb other than core which would mean 
it does not get included in (most) initrds while still solving the 
conflict and not be totally random and silly, then that might be 
preferred. But otherwise I think core is the best option here.


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