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nead informations : google summer of code


I'am Ben Salma SANA, a student in ENSIMAG (ingeneering) Bac +4  In  Grenoble/FRANCE.
I 'am very interessted about your subjects "Debian Installer".
I have good knowledge of kernel developement in fact we had a school project in witch we programmed a timer(PIC),
a keyboard driver,and  display on the screen text in mode VGA of IBM PC.
I am familiar with semaphores,conditions multi-thread and C  programming.
I also have an experience with bash shell scripting.

This my first year to want to participate to google summer of code i don't know what to i want to be accepted in your program this year
So i want to know some more informations and if you have any questions about my skills, please tell me what skills do you want

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