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Re: Boot parameter and blacklisting

On Wednesday 11 March 2009, Fabien Boucher wrote:
> The entry is correctly add in /etc/modprobe/blacklist.local but the
> module is loaded ...
> So it seems that udev doesn't take care of
> /etc/modprobe/blacklist.local.

I tested this a few days ago in VirtualBox for the pcnet32 driver and the 
blacklisting worked perfectly for me.

It's very much possible that in the case of usb-storage we modprobe the 
module directly (and blacklisting does not prevent that), or that it gets 
loaded because some other module depends on it.

For Arnaud:
I have no idea why blacklisting tg3 did not work for you as the 
blacklisting mechanism itself seems to work fine in Lenny.
Suggest that you check the contents of the blacklist.local file and the 
output of lsmod to see if module names match and to check whether 
something else depends on tg3.


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