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Re: software speech synthesis in d-i?


Otavio Salvador, le Fri 06 Mar 2009 16:55:26 -0300, a écrit :
> >> Is static linking out of question?
> >
> > I would be fine to see an espeak udeb statically linking with
> > libportaudio and/or libasound.  That could even save more disk space
> > than -Os builds.
> Could you take a look and check if it would be nice and how much space
> we'd use?

I tried to statically link espeakup against libespeak, libportaudio
and libasound; that produced a 500KB binary, which is indeed less than
what espeakup + libespeak.so + libportaudio.so + libasound.so would be
(1.2MB).  The resulting udeb is 230KB.

There also needs to be espeak-data-udeb.udeb, which is 500KB (1.5MB
unpacked), and sound modules, which are 1.2MB (5MB unpacked).

Thus a total estimation of 2MB of udebs (7MB unpacked).


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