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Bug#517138: Difficulties after pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2 to enter console after selecting a graphical install

package: debian-installer
version: 20090123

When I select a graphical install, regular or expert, and press
Ctrl+Alt+F2, at first things appear fine. However, when I press
Ctrl+Alt+F1 to re-enter the graphical install, the graphical
installation is no longer visible, and instead there are lines of text
on a black background. If I had entered the console after completing
the first installation step, then I can press Ctrl+C, in which case
the present installation step will be aborted and I can start it

However, if I had entered the console during the first installation
step, then after pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then Ctrl+C, the install
hangs with error messages interrupted by subliminal flashing of the
first installation step, and the system must be rebooted.

I have been able to reproduce these bugs.

I was trying to install Debian Lenny

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