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Bug#516531: installation-reports: gdm not loaded in lenny on AMD64 system during upgrade

severity 516531 normal
reassign 516531 gdm

Quoting Joshua Brickel (joshuamy5767@gmail.com):
> Package: installation-reports
> Severity: grave
> Justification: renders package unusable
> After upgrading to Lenny gdm was not installed in the /usr/sbin 
> directory.  Hence X failed to load. In order to get around this I used 
> apt-get install gdm 
> to correct this.  Once done X worked fine.  However as you can probably 
> imagine I was quite worried when it initially did not work.  Only by 
> reading the gdm script in init.d was I able to decipher where the 
> problem was.  

Why is this assigned in "installation-reports"

From, what I understand, your problem happened during an etch->lenny
upgrade and pertains to the gdm package, isn't it?

It would be good to have more info about the way your upgraded as,
apparently, the gdm package was installed before the upgrade and it
"disappeared" after the upgrade.

I think that gdm maintainers will need more information in order to
understand why the package disappeared.

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