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Bug#515685: console-setup: needs to read xorg.conf on install to get xkb settings

On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 17:10 +0200, Anton Zinoviev wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 02:31:07PM +0100, Julien Cristau wrote:
> >
> > I looked at writing directly to /etc/default/console-setup so the
> > settings could be picked up later, but since I have no idea what to put
> > for the other variables there it didn't look like it would trivially
> > work.  What I'd like the logic to look like is something like "if this
> > is the initial console-setup install and there's an xorg.conf, use the
> > model/layout/variant/options from there directly
> If only model, layout, variant, options are necessary then the config 
> script of console-setup only needs to copy the settings from xorg.conf 
> to /etc/default/console-setup without any changes (regardless of how 
> many layouts).  I will modify your patch to do this.
> Why does your patch ignore XkbRules?

It probably shouldn't.  I ignored it because it doesn't matter as far as
X is concerned: we'll use the evdev rules on linux.  The other rules
files are xfree98 and base, and I have no idea what the former is about.
We used to have 'sun', but nowadays sun keyboards use the base rules

> > (bypassing debconf so multiple layouts can be preserved), and setup 
> > the rest as usual'.  Does this sound sane/feasible?
> Unlike dexconf console-setup completely ignores its settings in the 
> Debconf database.  When I wrote that debconf doesn't support multiple 
> layouts I meant that in this case dpkg-reconfigure will not ask 
> questions about the layout.  Instead the user will be informed that the 
> keyboard settings in /etc/default/console-setup have to be edited 
> manualy.
ok, sounds good.

> > We'll document it, and people will have the option of configuring that 
> > stuff directly in hal if they want to have different setups, but I 
> > think the default case should be to share them.
> Yes, in most cases it is desirable to share the configuration.
> Another thing that would require a little more work would be to create a 
> separate keyboard configuration package (= current debconf configuration 
> of console-setup minus questions about encoding, codeset and font) that 
> creates a /etc/default/keyboard file that is used by console-setup, 
> console-setup-mini and X.  In this way X won't have to depend on 
> console-setup.  If you agree and if it is not too difficult, then when I 
> have time I will make such package.

I have no preference on that, both solutions work for me.  Let me know
if I can help.


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