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Re: Bug#509937: installation-guide-i386: suggested image for memory-stick booting does not contain network drivers

On Monday 16 February 2009, Eric Cooper wrote:
> I booted from the memory stick, and chose the basic install.  After
> searching the local disks, it reported that it couldn't find any ISO
> images and said I'd have to net boot (fine).

Right, so that is where your install went wrong. You'll have to trace the 
cause of that problem.

Did you actually copy a CD image (ISO file) onto the USB stick?
Exactly what image did you copy?

> I continued, and it 
> attempted to set up networking, which failed because it couldn't
> discover any networking hardware.

That is not how you get to "net boot". Proceding after an error is bound 
to fail.

The exact error message you got was:
 No installer ISO images were found. If you downloaded the ISO image,
 it may have a bad filename (not ending in ".iso"), or it may be on a
 file system that could not be mounted. You'll have to do a network
 install instead, or reboot and fix the ISO image.

I agree that the suggestion to "do a network install instead" is not very 
clear, and is even not really correct. I will make sure we improve that 
for future versions.

For the D-I team: any objections to changing the last sentence to:
 You'll have to use an alternative installation method, or try again
 after you've fixed the ISO image.

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