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Re: Website updates for Lenny

On Sunday 08 February 2009, Neil McGovern wrote:
> To try and get the website ready in time for release, it would be great
> if the boot section of the website could be updated.

I've committed some important (rather structural) fixes to the preparation 
updates for lenny that had already been committed as the result was 
rather broken (for both Etch and Lenny). Apparently the result had not 
really been checked by anybody (which I guess is understandable given 
that it was all done at the very, very last moment).

I've also committed a change that allows us to drop architectures that 
structurally fail to build from the overview of daily builds on the D-I 
project page. The number of arches left is rather depressing, but as most 
porters don't seem to care and nobody seems to be interested in pinging 
porters I guess that's only to be expected.

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