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Re: etch custom CD

Hi !

Have you ever tried simple-cdd ?? It's (almost) painless :-).

Lucas Brasilino

2009/2/3 Danny Brown <danbrwn@gmail.com>:
> Trying to add all packages installed after initial configuration.
> Apt-move /var/cache/apt/archives ... works fine. Rsync to copy of
> debian cd. Md5sum fix. None of my new packages are being listed in by
> apt-cache, apt-get.
> Following these steps;
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Modify/CD
> Alterrnate paths exist on this page to complete the task. I did this
> from the page;
> 1)Create Copy of Image
> 2)Modify Image using "Alternate Method", note I take it to mean
> alternate to 'Create new release of package files'
> 3)Fix Md5sum
> 4)Create new image
> What step am I missing? Installer does not see my packages even though
> I know they exist in the /pool/main/.... directories on the cd.
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