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Bug#513752: Acknowledgement (debian-installer: lenny - "System Sounds" do not give sound, MP3 and CD do give sound.)

I believe that this issue should be directed to another location.

While I have no idea why "System Sounds" works, I now believe that
a) a standard Debian Lenny install is installing OSS for sound, not alsa. However what does gnome-audio require, oss or alsa ? b) "gnome-desktop-environment" installs "gstreamer0.10-alsa " which would indicate that gnome uses alsa. c) does sun-java use oss or alsa ? sun-java works with standard installation of lenny, but if I install libesd-alsa0 then gnome-audio produces "System Sounds" but sun-java then does not.

I am not sure where this issue resides, I would suggest that in the first place it would be "gnome-desktop-environment" .



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