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Re: [Pkg-kbd-devel] Switching d-i to kbd for squeeze?

On 28 Jan 2009, at 13:34, Michael Schutte wrote:


On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 11:52:42AM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
Can we switch from console-tools to kbd for squeeze? These days kbd is better maintained (I know they've gone back and forth in the past), and
its setfont program supports a wider range of fonts than does
consolechars. Doing this would let us get rid of some grottiness in
localechooser's finish-install script where we make automatic
modifications to a conffile (!).

This is largely independent of the work on switching to console- setup,
which still needs a set of underlying console utilities.

If there's consensus, I can commit the relevant fixes.

No objections from me as a kbd maintainer.

Strong agreement from me as console-tools maintainer.

Michael Schutte <michi@uiae.at>
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