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Bug#512457: console-setup: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation

Quoting Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) (faw@funlabs.org):

> 	I noticed that this is kept in D-I SVN, is this not
> listed in packages/po/sublevel* ?   Since I'm keeping the

Because console-setup is not used by d-i as of now (actually, it's
used in Ubuntu, but translations aren't).

So, it wouldn't be fair to those who want to first work on d-i to add
these 75 strings to their workload.

> 	If I knew that console-setup is not being listed as
> a sublevel, I would probably have committed (or already
> translated it). Probably, there are other PO files missing
> pt_BR translation there that I was not aware of. :-(

No, there is no other such package.

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