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Re: r57267 - branches/d-i/lenny/packages/arch/powerpc/quik-installer/debian

On Friday 16 January 2009, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> We only need that on PowerPC OldWorld, so changing the initrd may break
> other PowerPC subarchitectures

OK. If they share a single initrd then that's not an option.

It still could be coded for example in a rootskel hook script: if the 
subarch is oldworld, then force the template used in base-installer to 
the DEP option.

Or use a hook script in base-installer.d that does it (although IMO just 
coding it in library.sh is cleaner).

> Also I don't want to touch code that is executed by other architectures
> or subarchitectures so close to the release,

I can accept that.

> especially when none of them are having a special case in library.sh.

That's not a valid argument IMO. Just coding it in library.sh is still a 
lot cleaner than any other solution and improves maintainability in the 
long run.

Having the "arch" defaults for the template means we don't need conditions 
in the code in most places, but it does not mean we cannot add conditions 
if the arch mechanism proves insufficient.

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