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Bug#489778: Intermittently Experience the Same

"Steve Walker" <walker@mfgis.com> writes:

> When everyting is installed on one partition, I have not seen the error.
> When installed on multiple partitions, I either do or do not.
> Today, I used the default multiple partition choice (/usr /var /home ) and
> did receive the error.
> Yesterday, I created partitions manually /boot / /usr /tmp /var /home
> /data and did not.
> Today, I created what I thought were the same partitions, but gave /usr an
> extra GB and did.

Please, tell us more details like:

 - installer version you've used?

   If you've used Etch do you mind to try our daily builds of Lenny?

 - the partition layout (fdisk -l would be nice)
 - syslog of installer (gziped)

It is rather difficult, from you description to guess what exactly
goes wrong, I have the impression that it is the booting in GRUB that
fails but you've not provided enough details to be sure of that and
neither to guess what might be the cause of the failure.


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