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Bug#511447: installation-reports: USB-stick install: reboot after install fails due to incorrect root device

Pyotr Berezhkov <p.g.berezhkov@gmail.com> writes:

> rebooting into the installed system failed, as the initrd
> incorrectly identified the root device.  As it turned out, the root
> device specified on Lilo's kernel command line (root=fd02 in my
> case) was incorrect.

It would be interesting to see /proc/devices in the installer before
you reboot.

> Why is the installer using Lilo (which I thought had gone out with
> the dinosaurs)?

Grub can't be used if /boot is on LVM or it isn't an ext2 (or ext3)
partition.  The contents of /proc/mounts would help.

> Isn't it time to make USB-stick install the default method and
> providing ready-made USB-stick images to the users?

Current Syslinux has a so-called hybrid mode, which creates images
which can be used both as an ISO or as an HD image.  It isn't yet
available in Lenny, but may be a way forward.

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