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Re: linux-2.6 upload planned

 I wanted to give -release & -boot a heads up that the kernel team is
looking to do a linux-2.6 upload to sid tomorrow. As discussed on the
d-i channel, delays in the d-i release have given us a short window to
introduce a new build for inclusion in RC2.

 Changes pending for this update include:
  - a few local DoS security issues
  - the hppa kernel fix that was causing crashes during ruby
    builds (doesn't fix the FTBFS - that may be a userspace issue)
  - reintroduces a driver for the ia64 rtc (regression)
  - several other fixes of >= important severity from Moritz's recent
    bug triage

Are XVR drivers (#508108) going to be included? If not, please, reconsider
as they've been successfully tried and tested in several different kernel
builds and on different HW.

	Petr Vysloužil

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