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Bug#511259: debian-installer: Guided partitioner should show or allow mods to partition sizes


On Thu, 08 Jan 2009 13:12:43 -0800 Brian C wrote:
> I've used the Lenny RC1 guided partitioner on two laptops to make an 
> encrypted LVM and chosen separate /home partition on each.  On a 320GB 
> drive it allocated only 6.6 GB for / and on a 100GB drive it appears it 
> will allocate 7.0 GB for /.  I would have preferred more space for 
> the root filesystem.  The user is not told these decisions prior 
> to accepting the initial partitioning step.  At a minimum, these numbers 
> should be shown prior to acceptance of the initial partitioning step.  
> Even better would be to have them shown and to allow the user to modify 
> them up or down to suit their preferences.  I know that manual 
> partitioning is provided, but an ever-so-slightly modified Guided 
> partitioning would be even more user friendly.

Maybe it should be possible to change the parition size afterwards?
(when doing manual partitioning, it is possible to change the size
of the paritions afterwards, for example when you have the desired
structure ready and decide that you have to change the size a bit.
In guided partitioning this menu entry does not exist.)



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