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Bug#506406: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#506406: xfce4: apt bug causes gdm to pull in unneeded/unwanted gnome dependencies

On jeu, 2009-01-08 at 00:21 -0500, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> Ah!  Aptitude also has the ability to select tasks.  One of the
> categories in the defaults displays is 'Tasks' and under that there
> are
> things like 'End User' and 'Localisation'.  For XFCE you open 'End
> User' and the highlight 'Xfce Desktop Environment' then press '+',
> which select the packages in the task for installation.

Yesh I know. But afaik tasks are only displayed by aptitude, it doesn't
have the choice on what they represent. I guess when one runs “aptitude
install <task> it doesn't calls tasksel install which would then call
aptitude install <task> which would loop :)

But the point is, the source for tasks is tasksel.


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