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Bug#510176: installation-reports: No network through DHCP router speedtouch 530

On Tuesday 06 January 2009, M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
> > It looks like the hardware-summary was made on the (already
> > installed) Etch system. Is that correct?
> It is. You are right. I thought that using reportbug package might
> provide useful information.

Yes, that's fine but it was slightly confusing at first as normally the 
info is from the install itself.

> I used to rely on PPPoE on the Etch system but from some weeks
> I am only using the router modem as a DHCP server on that Etch system.
> And this is like this that I was intending to install and use
> the new Lenny system.

OK, but that also means that the two situations are not 100% comparable.

> >> The problem might be that the debian-installer gets confused by the
> >> fact that there are 2 network interfaces on this machine: a
> >> classical Ethernet card and a FireWire card (that I don't use).
> >
> > So, the forcedeth card is eth0 and the firewire one is eth1, and DHCP
> > is trying correctly on eth0.
> I thought this might be the cause of the issue because
> on the Etch system the ethernet card is seen as eth1.
> Could there be a problem in the way the ethernet card is labeled
> or tracked by the installer? If so, is there a way to make
> the dhcpdiscover try on all available interfaces instead of
> only the one detected/selected?

I doubt that. And as we don't have any other reports of DHCP not working 
during installation, my bet is on a local network problem.

There are two ways you could investigate this further:
- try to do the network setup manually from one of the debug shells (on
  VT2 or VT3)
- use a packet sniffer like wireshark on a separate computer to see the
  actual network traffic between the system being installed and your

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