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Re: Processed: Re: Processed (with 1 errors): Re: Bug#511054: permissions on /var/log/news

On Wednesday 07 January 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 January 2009, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> > Bug#511136: inncheck suggests insecure permissions
> > Changed Bug title to `/var/log/news is mode 644 on a fresh install of
> > lenny' from `inncheck suggests insecure permissions'.
> >
> > > reassign -1 debian-installer
> >
> > Bug#511136: /var/log/news is mode 644 on a fresh install of lenny
> > Bug reassigned from package `inn2' to `debian-installer'.
> How is this a debian-installer bug?
> Debian Installer itself does not create those directories.

Even better, a system I installed fairly recently does not even have 
a /var/log/news directory.

Also, AFAICT all directories under /var/log, at least those created by 
default are world-readable. This suggests to me that packages that want 
more restricted access should take care of that themselves.

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