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Bug#509202: Broken kernel


I've installed the machine with debootstrap and the help of the Gentoo
2008.0 live CD.

When trying to boot the debian sparc kernels


from harddisk, the machine freezes very early, probably around

[    0.000000] [000000036f100000-fffff8b00a800000] page_structs=131072
node=0 entry=1469/0

(cannot be too sure about that, the attached RSC serial console is
somewhat limited)

I compiled my own sparc64 kernel (2.6.28, initial config taken from the
Gentoo 2.6.24 live CD). This new kernel boots without any problems, the
machine is up and running.

I've attached you my working kernel config, so you can check what might
have caused the problems reported in this bug. Perhaps it's worth to
reassign this bug to the kernel package.


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