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Bug#511052: Task packages download can not be cancelled

reassign 511052 pkgsel

Quoting Raphael Geissert (atomo64@gmail.com):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20081029
> Hi,
> After I accidentally marked the "desktop environment" (or whatever the exact 
> name is) task and started downloading the packages there was no way I could 
> stop the download process. Ctrl+c, ctrl+z, escp, nothing worked, and sending 
> a SIGHUP, later a SIGTERM, and finally a SIGKILL to aptitude and the other 
> d-i subprocs related to the packages download only cause the d-i screen to be 
> stall.
> Although I would like to see an option to cancel the download process 
> (severity: wishlist) I would first of all like to see d-i reacting whenever 
> its child procs are killed (hence the severity of the report).

Reassigning to pkgsel, which is responsible for this.

Actually, I even wonder if that shouldn't be reassigned to debconf
(that provides debconf-apt-progress, used for this by pkgsel's postinst)

I do not see any specific severity, so you of course don't expect this
to be fixed for lenny, right?

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