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Bug#510666: Installer run from USB stick should prefer iso image on stick over one on hard drive

Quoting Rick Thomas (rbthomas55@pobox.com):

> If the installer has a choice of .iso images, shouldn't it ask which  
> one(s) to use?  (Obviously, this choice should be pre-seed-able...)

It could....if someone implements the needed code..:-)

As of now, the first suitable ISO image that was found is used.

I suspect that the idea behind was that there would be no reason to
give such choice. After all, the ISO images, as long as the right
suite is contained in them and they are valid, are all suitable.

(that could be debated indeed: there could be a CD image somewhere and
a DVD image elsewhere)

Obviously, that idea forgot about the problem
mentioned in that bug report....which is quite a corner case,

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