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Bug#510015: Problem is missing ext2 module

I had noticed that only the ext3 module was in the hd-media/initrd, but
had assumed that could load ext2 filesystems as well as ext3. It looks
as if I was wrong.

If I install ext2 into /lib/modules/..., from a vfat filesystem, depmod
and modprobe ext2, the iso files are then successfully found. The module
installation from an alternative console, of course.

Thus this bug report should now be against whichever module is
responsible for building initrd. And the level of the report should
probably move up to critical?


1) I thought ext2 could mount an ext3 file (as ext2), so if lack of
space was the motive for excluding ext2, that seems an odd choice. But I
might be wrong about ext2.

2) ext2 is most definitely needed: journalling filesystems on flash
media which has a limited erase cycle life have to be avoided.

3) If there is a some overriding reason to include ext3 which precludes
 ext2, then there needs to be an alternative initrd. Note that many
netbooks can only be booted from usbsticks (unless there happens to be
an external usb hard drive to hand which is seldom the case).
Bug 509938 expands on that in the form of a suggested patch to the
installation manual.


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