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Re: Hi , guys , may I ask you a question ?

Quoting Chandler (chandlerx@knowledgesurf.com):

> Howere now, I have a question with this debian-installer, that how can I
> install debian with it by using wireless? I can't find a option for this.

There is nothing magic to do.

Either your wireless chipset is recognized when the installer boots up
and you'll be presented with a choice of network interface to
use. Then choosing the wireless one will allow you to install. Please
note that only open networks and WEP networks are usable in the
installer, IIRC. No WPA.

Or it is not....most often because a firmware is needed for it to
work. If you're using the installer for Lenny
(http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer) you'll get the
opportunity to load such firmware from a removable medium.

Or it is not...because the chipset is entirely unsupported in the
Linux 2.6.26 kernel and then you have no choice than installing with a
wired network.

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