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Bug#392042: software RAID volumes can not be partitioned

I just ran into this after, over a period of two days, trying to figure 
out why D-I / partman doesn't allow me to partition /dev/md0, and why it 
would not even recognize a manual partitioning created via `cfdisk`.

I think it would be very useful if partman supported partitionable md 
devices.  It would save you from having to configure, and in case of 
failure, rebuild, several individual (classic, non-partitionable) md 
arrays.  (Also, using LVM on top of a single big md device as a 
substitute for partitioning isn't really an option because LVM doesn't 
support write barriers.)

Let me know if I can help with this -- anything short of providing a 
patch, given that I have absolutely no clue of the partman internals.


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