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Bug#509875: extended partition is too small when creating logical partition at end of volume

Package: partman-base

This issue was encountered using a lenny i386 CD, the CD was downloaded/burnt around 2008-09-05

Consider the following volume:

total capacity: 80GB
Primary partitions: 128MB (/boot), 10GB (FAT32), 10GB (NTFS)

The user now chooses to create another 10GB partition, and when prompted, chooses:
- type: logical (not primary)
- location: end (not beginning)

The partitioner creates a 10GB extended partition at the end of the disk, and a 10GB logical partition within this space.

The other 50GB, between the end of the third primary partition (NTFS) and the beginning of the logical partition is unusable.

I believe the correct behaviour would be something like this:

- warn the user in any situation where unusuable gaps will exist after partition
- ask the size and location questions twice: once for the extended partition, and again for the logical partition within the extended partition
- force the user to do things like this with cfdisk (bug 274290)
- automatically create an extended partition that uses all available space (although this is assuming that the user won't replace or resize the NTFS partition later)

- use gparted to resize the extended partition after installation of Debian, leaving the logical partition in the same place


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