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Bug#509755: installation-reports: problem with install to motherboard asus m3n-h

severity 509755 normal

Quoting almatea_sub (almatea_sub@mail.ru):
> Package: installation-reports
> Severity: critical
> Justification: not detect sata hdd and integrated network card
> i try to install debian etch (40r6 amd64 image from  
> http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/4.0_r6/amd64/iso-dvd/ 19-Dec-2008)  
> on computer with motherboard "asustek n3m-h hdmi" and installation not  
> detect my network card (integrated in motherboard) and sata-hdd. i did  
> try to switch bios parameters and use kernel parameter "pci=nomsi", but  
> this does not help.

You would have better chances to succeed with either the "Etch and
Half" images:


These are images meant to install Etch with two major components
updated: the kernel and the X server

Alternatively, you can install Debian lenny. This is not yet the
stable version of Debian but close enough for being recommended.

You can do this with the Debian Installer Lenny RC1 images, or even
the daily images, which you'll find from http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer.

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